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Nauchnyy Dialog (Scientific Dialogue)  is an peer-reviewed academic journal. Edited since 2012. The editorial board admits articles covering scientific conceptions, significant results of fundamental, theoretical and applied research in the sphere of humanities sciences — Philology, History (up to 32,000 characters: 10–17 pages). 

Mass Media Registration Certificate (by Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications)

PI № FS 77-47018 of 18.10.2011


ISSN 2225-756X (Print), ISSN 2227-1295 (Online)

Subscription Code

29255, Union Catalog “Pressa Rossii” (Russian Press), EBSCO


Russian Federation, foreign countries

Editorial Office Address

620050, Sverdlovsk Region, Yekaterinburg, Kosmonavtov street, 43-57



Publication Frequency

On a monthly basis

Presence in Citation Bases

The journal is added to the Science Index (Russ), WoS, Index Copernicus

Presence in Libraries


Deposit copies of the journal are sent to the Russian Book Chamber and further to the centers of obligatory distribution of academic periodicals (libraries)

Text Presentation Form

All published articles are publicly available for reading and citing on the journal’s website and in the National E-Library (RSCI)


All manuscripts submitted to the editorial office are to be reviewed


Tsentr nauchnykh i obrazovatelnykh proektov


Groups of scientific specialties

Scientific specialties

10.01.00 Literary studies

10.01.01 Russian literature


10.01.03 Literature of the peoples of foreign countries


10.01.08 Theory of literature. Textology


10.01.09 Folklore studies


10.01.10 Journalism

10.02.00 Language Studies

10.02.01 Russian language


10.02.03 Slavic languages


10.02.04 Germanic languages


10.02.19 Language theory


10.02.20 Comparative - historical typological and contrastive - comparative linguistics

07.00.00 Historical Sciences and Archeology

07.00.02 National history


07.00.03 General history


07.00.07 Ethnography, Ethnology and Anthropology


07.00.09 Historiography, source study and methods of historical research


07.00.15 History of international relations and foreign policy

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Tel. (343)3458984, +79120458984 (Tatiana Leontyeva, Editor-in-Chief)