Nauchnyy dialog. 2015. # 6(42)

pages: 1-146

issn: 2225-756X


jnumber: 6(42)

year: 2015

  • Folk Tradition in V. Mayakovsky’s Poem “About That”

  • Verbs with Meaning ‘to Drink Alcohol’: Semantical and Stylistic Characteristics

  • Lexical Objectivation of Disease and Health Notions in Lower Pechora Dialects

  • Existential Motifs in Russian Designations for Custom

  • Syktyvkar City Proper Names

  • Anthropocentric Bilingual Neography: in Search of Lexicographic Equivalence

  • Theoretical Pluralism in “Language Situation” Concept Interpretation

  • Corpus of Russian Foreign Policy Discourse in Genre Aspect (on Material of Russian Foreign Affairs Minister S. Lavrov’s Speeches)